“Underground, and hardcore, genre fluid tastemaster, Radio DJ, Live Streaming, Mixtapes and Podcasts by Jack Frost.”

Now the home of “CAMDENTOWN RADIO“, playing all the greatest oldies

The music: Gothic and darkwave take precedence but I don’t exclude synthpop, 80’s and some EBM and apparently I have been known to play some very strange stuff now and then. In general the music is a wide range of the old and new, goth, industrial, and ebm. Also spinning harsh electro, as Caligari is for those who need something a little darker and harder. Caligari is for people who want to hear something different, and has no social pretense or expectations. So “Yes” it’s about, “Post-modern depravity for a high-voltage society fused with classy deviations of debauchery and intrigue.”

“Acid Bizarre (Berlin)”, aims to be the  “DARKEST” Radio Station on the planet. Playing the darkest music we can find: Dark Electro, Aggrotech, Hellectro, Industrial, Electro-Industrial, Futurepop, Synthpop, Gothic and more.  The origins of Acid Bizarre can be traced back to 2005.

If you have a dark alternative sensibility, Acid Bizarre and Caligari are for you, whether you’re a musician, DJ, dancer, writer, artist, clothing designer, or model, or just love to party at goth clubs and gigs. The DJ sessions are mostly goth, industrial, EBM, and alternative, with the occasional classic and/or fun song to listen to. 80’s music is played if it has some sort of a dark feel to it. The music of the night covers just about every sub-genre of the scene in an effort to offer something for everyone who visits our websites are catered for.